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The Museum Hotel Group, located in the charming city of Delft. Founded in 2014 by a father and son.

The group began with apartment rentals but has since grown to hotels such as the Best Western Museum Hotel Delft and Hotel Johannes Vermeer. The Museum Hotel Group boasts a total of 96 beautifully designed hotel rooms and 55 cozy apartments scattered throughout the city.


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The core values of the Museum Hotel Group revolve around family, art, and exceptional service.

The hotels are tastefully decorated with artworks that celebrate Delft's rich cultural heritage. They offer a diverse range of accommodation options, each infused with their distinctive
artistic touch.

For the group, it's not just about providing a place to stay; it's about creating a place where art meets hospitality. They offer their guests a home where they can revel in artistic beauty. Every guest is treated like family and cared for with the utmost attention.

The Museum Hotel Group offers a variety of accommodation options, from the elegance of the Best Western Museum Hotel Delft to the charming allure of Hotel Johannes Vermeer.

In Delft, the Museum Hotel Group continues to unfold its story, where every visit is an experience and every guest is embraced with open arms.